The Men initially post at a F3 workout for the exercise but they ultimately end up staying for the fellowship. Men of all ages are creating bonds through the difficult workouts and these relationships are the special sauce for the success of F3 Foundation. The end result is a new found sense of trust, commitment and accountability which bring out the best in men. What happens when our members engage in one of our service projects with this basis of trust, commitment and accountability? We do what we say we will do, we see things through to the end and we get things done.

There are people within F3 that have a passion for a certain cause or organization. F3F wants to help you. If you are involved in an endeavor that develops and strengthens male leadership in your community, we want to talk to you. F3F provides you the platform to engage the men of F3 Nation that share your passion. F3F is the forum to promote your cause while delivering organizational support to ensure your success.

If you are reading this and getting fired up envisioning endless ways to get involved, F3F wants to hear from you. We are organizing a volunteer army full of F3 Men of Action and if you have a passion that embodies the F3F mission, we encourage you to jump on board. The time for action is now.

How to get involved

F3F is always looking for volunteers to support all projects all over the US and soon to be the world. If you have the desire to help, we’d love to hear from you.[gravityform id=”1″ title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true”]