Welcome to the F3 Foundation. We exist to Accelerate F3 Nation’s mission and impact through generosity.


Accelerate F3 Nation's mission and impact through Generosity


F3 Foundation will fulfill its purpose of accelerating F3 Nation’s mission and impact through generosity by:

I. Raising funds to support:

  • F3 Foundation’s operations
  • F3 Nation’s operations

II. Making  grants, in support of PAX-led projects, to achieve accelerated and measurable community impact.


F3 Foundation’s three operational pillars – Transparency, Efficiency, and Impact – will serve as the guide and guardrails to fulfilling its mission.

I. Transparency: Operations and finances are an open book for everyone to see.

II. Efficiency: No bureaucracy. We’re just going to get stuff done.

III. Impact: Expand F3 Nation. Make grants. Create impact. Tell the story.

For more information or if you have questions please contact: John Horton (Scratch & Win), Executive Director, at [email protected].