Help You

Each F3 member is an impressive individual. As a collective group, we are an undeniable force with the ability to influence and inspire. F3F is the natural progression for F3 Nation and we have jumped into the deep end of the pool head first.

The mission of F3F is to leverage the men of F3 Nation to develop and strengthen male leadership in our communities.

F3F is the platform to engage and support F3 members in causes that target our mission. F3F is here to serve the members of F3 and tap into their time, talent, and resources to make a real difference. The time for action is now.

F3F and Members of F3 are ready to help you now. Please use the forms below to apply for assistance.

Use this application if your organization is seeking support from F3F in the form of volunteer work or “extra hands” for physical effort.

Use this application if your organization is seeking financial support and/or volunteers from F3F.

Volunteer Application

Grant Application