1. Continue supporting the growth of F3 Nation. We’re accelerating toward a goal of 250,000 PAX by 2025. F3 Nation will continue to rely on fundraising efforts – both through Give2Give and individuals, corporations and foundations – who recognize the world-changing impact F3 provides.

    In 2021, F3 experienced 40% growth in total F3 regions. We’re expected to reach 75,000 PAX by the end of 2022.
  1. Create a sustainable future for F3 and F3 Foundation. While F3 will ALWAYS be FREE of charge, it takes financial resources to operate a mission-minded organization that serves 65,000+ individuals in 48 states and five total continents. Creating a lean operational margin will allow F3 to both be creative with our growth strategies and events (e.g. GrowRuck, 2nd and 3rd F events) and weather any future storms (e.g. COVID, Economic downturn) that may prevent us from reaching our goals to bring F3 to every Sad Clown in the world.

    F3 Foundation was able to create six (6) months of operating reserve to fund F3 Nation in the unlikely event organizational financial stability is affected due to decreased philanthropy or other unforeseen and/or uncontrollable economic circumstances.

  2. Grant more monies to local regions throughout F3’s footprint. As regions accelerate their charitable impact, F3 Foundation seeks to provide more opportunities to apply for regions to apply for funding. The more funds we raise, the more we can give away. More regions have more impact – exponentially – will be part of how F3 delivers on the IMPACT that other groups only dream of. In 2020, Give2Give provided more than $277,000 of charitable IMPACT through Foundation grants and localized regional fundraising.


    Update: In 2022, F3 Foundation will give away $60-70,000 in matching grants. The overall charitable impact will be north of $400,000 this year with direct grants helping Region’s accelerate their fundraising efforts through pass-throughs.